Founded in 1991, Leomaster inherit the tradition and know-how of Capritex, company born in 1958, renowned for the production of luxury fabrics for menswear. In 2007 Nalya was founded, a company specialized in fabrics for women's clothing.


We believe in the importance of details: the fabrics that flow from the loom are the results of the delicate and microscopic balance between different materials and colours, between warp and weft.

We employ an internal production system (warping and weaving) that enables us to follow our product throughout the whole creative process.

In every task of our profession, whether big or small, we work passionately,  combining the knowledge of an ancient craftsmanship, born and raised on the banks of the river Bisenzio, with new technologies.




LEOMASTER S.p.a - Cap. Soc. Euro 1.500.000 i.v. - P.I. / C.F. IT 01604330975 – M. PO 010640 – CCIAA R.E.A. 439574 Reg. Imprese Prato 18242

Sede legale e stabilimento: Via Coppi e Bartali, 20; Località Usella – P.O. Box nr. 27 – 59025 Cantagallo – (Prato) ITALY

Tel. +39 0574 98061 (r.a. 8 linee) – Fax +39 0574 982510 -